What We Do

Product Development

We are experts in developing footwear and clothing. We work with several footwear constructions, such as cemented, moccasins, espadrille, stitch down and strobel and we are also able to develop any clothing line from knitwear to fabrics.

We are prepared to give the best support to our clients when developing their own collections and make the effort to develop and present new and creative ideas.


So, if you are looking to create a new brand or simply looking for a last long supplier contact us.

Private label

Four times a year we present our private label collections at international fairs such Expo Riva Schuh and Micam fair. Our private label collections are composed with around 300 units of Men’s and Woman’s shoes . We design our collections with a vast research of lasts, soles and materials combined with a design influence from Scandinavia, Uk, Germany, France, etc. Making sure we can present nice product for all around the world.

Sourcing and Design

Our team with more than 25 years of experience does a vast research of now a days market attending fair such Lineapelle and Futurmoda. We are always in contact with our suppliers looking and thriving for new and innovative materials.

When a ideia is presented and we can’t find it in the market, we developed it, always being in contact with our leather developers creating unique materials.


So if would like to develop your own DNA contact us.

Quality Control

We are well equipped with a amazing QC team, our technicians follow every step from de beginning.

All materials are controlled when delivered for production; we follow all phases of cutting, sewing, to finishing and packaging. All goods are inspected daily so we can guarantee our high expectations as our clients.


If you are looking for a quality control for your brand in Portugal, let’s talk.